Chicken Pot Pie with Red Lobster Cheddar Bay Biscuits

I found out just last year that you can actually buy Red Lobster Cheddar Bay Biscuits at Kroger! What?! My life was forever changed. They are seriously the most delicious biscuits served anywhere! So I of course, always have a box in my pantry now.


Chicken Pot Pie is a go to meal around here and I like to switch up my toppings often, depending usually on how much time I have to whip something up. I’ve used pastry topping, premade pie dough, frozen biscuits, homemade biscuits, and now, these delicious cheddar biscuits…and I think this one is my favorite! They are super easy, they only take about 15 minutes to cook, and are topped with savory garlic butter that runs all down the biscuits and all into the pie. Yummm!


So lets start with the chicken pot pie recipe. I put 2-3 chicken breasts in a crock pot with a can of cream of chicken soup, a little chicken bouillon, chopped carrots and celery, and a can of peas. I cook it on high for about 3 hours, or on low for 6. (My crockpot seems to cook quicker than others, so your cooking time may vary.) Salt and pepper to taste. I then transfer my chicken pot pie mixture to a casserole dish or to my cast iron skillet. I prepare the biscuits as directed on the box and then scoop onto the mixture. Bake as directed (about 15 minutes) and then top with delicious garlic butter, which is also directed on the box.


That’s it! Told you it was easy. And everyone in my house likes it, and goes back for seconds, even the kids! It’s a great comfort food dish, and has become a household favorite around here. Hope you enjoy!

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