So glad we could catch up!

It’s been a while since my last post. I feel like blogging for me has it’s seasons. This past year has been full of huge steps for us and there is a lot of new things going on around here! For one, we decided to homeschool our daughter. It has been amazing and we are so glad that we decided to do it. She is excelling & having a blast! We go to a co-op every Tuesday and it’s filled with the most wonderful families. We have been very fortunate to have found such a great community of like minded people.

We have also taken the step to transform our house from a home to a homestead. We had all the resources but other than fresh eggs, we didn’t do much else with it. We recently began seed saving, planning a 7000sqft garden for next spring, we are planning our orchard now that will be planted this winter, and we learned to butcher and process our ducks! We plan on getting meat chickens next spring to fill our freezer.

I’m also currently trying to talk my husband into getting a dairy cow. I very, very much our own source of fresh milk coming in every day. Currently, milk at the grocery store is costing me about $18 per week! We drink a lot of milk, and I only buy organic. A cow is a big commitment, but I feel at this point, it’s totally worth it.

We’re currently working on a few projects around the house and personally. We’re trying to figure out the best way to aerate our ponds & we’re considering using natural energy with a windmill. I think that is the most self sufficient & cost effective way long term to do it…plus I think a windmill will add to the charm of the farm! We are also debating building a large chicken run with a roof. Our chickens currently free range, but we have been having more and more Hawks around our home lately. We currently have 10 pullets (started with 12) that we’re purchased and are about 2 months old, & 5 baby Bantam Cochins (started with 6) that we’re born to a momma & are about 1 month old, so we have plenty of tiny appetizers wandering our yard for a hungry hawk to snatch up. We actually lost a pullets last week to one, for sure, as all that was left was a ton of feathers & one little foot in the corner of the yard. It definitely happened in the middle of the day too while we were out. It was awful! We have no idea where the baby Cochin went, as we never saw any sign of her, however I think it was a hawk as well. So a run for the tinier chickens would be safer until they got bigger. A hawk can still get a big chicken, but so far we haven’t had an issue with that, even before we got the smaller, easier targets.

We are also considering bees for next year so that we can always have a fresh supply of honey as well as planting our own grains to help supplement our animals food supply!

I’m excited for all the changes coming and for the steps we are taking in our family and on our farm. It’s been such a learning experience for us all, as none of us grew up on a farm. We just feel led by God to live this lifestyle & would love to have you come along for the ride!

I’m so glad we got to catch up and can’t wait to do it again soon!

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