Let’s Catch Up!

Hey everyone! I’m glad I could get over here to recap what’s been going on around our farm the past few weeks.

Our goat, Fern, had her babies! What an exciting morning it was for everyone! I went out to go check on them at 6:30 that morning & there they were, two gooey little darlings, wobbling on their new legs! I ran inside as fast as I could and got everyone up and we all went down to have a closer look. It was amazing to watch our stand-off-ish goat turn into a doing mother before our eyes. While we were a bit disappointed that we didn’t get to witness the birth, we did get to witness the afterbirth…which was both educational & super gross! But an experience worth having, either way. We have been settling in to new responsibilities with the babies & they we’re allowed to go out to pasture yesterday for the first time, unsupervised, to frolic with the rest of the goats. They have all adjusted quite nicely to one another & they certainly bring a new sense of life to our otherwise lazy herd!

We have about 25 laying hens now (it’s hard to keep count when there’s that many!) and we are getting about 18 eggs a day, sometimes more. I’m selling them to friends every week and we eat a LOT of scrambled eggs, quiche, boiled & devilled eggs, egg salad…you get the picture! But even after two years of collecting eggs each morning, it hasn’t lost it’s charm. I love going out & filling my basket with fresh goodness!

Our 25 meat chickens are growing fast. We have had them 9 weeks now which means they have about 3-4 more weeks until they are ready to process. Honestly, I’m not looking forward to butchering day, but I am looking forward to having my freezer full of homegrown, all organic, free range chicken! I currently buy just that, from a farm 20 minutes from my house, and it costs me $10 a chicken. Needless to say, this will definitely help our grocery budget out a bit! We will be doing all the processing ourselves over two weekends. I will be making another order as soon as these chickens are all finished up for another batch of about 30 or so. We will be keeping a rooster and a few hens from this group & the next to breed and incubate ourselves so that after this year we won’t have to order anymore; they will be completely home grown!

Olivia finished her first year of homeschooling with Classical Conversations. I couldn’t be more proud of her. We have both come so far & I’m so thankful I chose to educate her at home. She is beginning to read & is attempting to sound out every word she comes across. She loves learning about animals, journaling in her nature notebook & being read aloud to. Even though our CC year is over, we will be schooling year round, &of course, learning never stops!

Oakland has really surprised me this year by learning a lot of Olivia’s memory work right along with her. He knows his timeline song, a ton of history memory work, can skip count by 2’s & 5’s and also can tell me every single sound each letter makes! I’ve never once pulled out a flashcard or worksheet for that kid. He just learns by hanging out at the table while we read & doing life right along side us!

Now if I can just teach them both to remember to bring their plates to the sink we would be in business!!

Our next project for this week is getting our garden beds ready. I’ve been working on our compost for months now & it ready to help fill our garden up for what I pray will be a very productive summer. I can’t wait for fresh garden veggies & especially that first juicy, grown in the hot sunshine, picked right off the vine tomato. The one you keep your eye on, just waiting for the perfect time to slap on that sandwich! So good! I’m hoping this year to fill my shelves with home canned, home grown goodies & also open up a little front yard, roadside veggie stand, selling my produce, herbs, fresh baked breads, organic eggs & organic, goat’s milk products. We’ll have to wait and see on that one though. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

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